FUNDESABANAS Corporation is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Santa Marta, Colombia, which has worked since 2014 to advance the understanding of the biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada de Samta Marta. During 2020, we were carrying out research and education programs in different parts of the region with the objective of contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and the ecosystems on which its existence depends.

Initially, the main purpose of FUNDESABANAS was biodiversity research. Over the months, the projects expanded, it became necessary that the creation of a group of 50 volunteers. After completing all contractual requirements, FUNDESABANAS used its legal capabilities to implement 6 conservation projects funded by international cooperation. Since then, FUNDESABANAS has developed and supported several movements that support birdlife and key ecosystem conservation. Environmental education has been one of the work areas that has expanded most dramatically with the growth of the organization. The development of such educational projects has given FUNDESABANAS a close relationship with the communities located in important conservation sites. Throughout this process, FUNDESABANAS has expanded its lines of action in different initiatives. One of them is the Focal species, which is a research group within the organization and its main objective is to answer biological and ecological questions of endangered species to contribute to their conservation. This initiative works mainly in wetlands and cloud forests on the western slope of the Andes. Recently, our efforts have expanded to cover different areas to carry out our actions; one is humid forest of the western slope. This has become one of our main objectives because this region has several species that present high threats due to habitat loss, hunting and illegal traffic.

Mission (2020): Promote the conservation of the biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, through research, education, conservation and other activities that contribute to this purpose.

Vision (2018-2025): to become a Colombian leader in the conservation of species and their habitats through conservation, research and education.

Geographical area of the project: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The study area is an important water reserve that houses 270 species of birds, 13 are endemic to the Santa Marta bioregion and 8 are threatened. However, information on the status of endangered species is not accurate and is not updated. Considering the particular diversity of the area, the monitoring of populations and the evaluation of the possible impact of present and future threats is of great interest for conservation. Target species: Species classified as vulnerable (VU), endangered of extinction (EN) and critically endangered hazard (CR), according to IUCN criteria.