In the present project, our foundation advances trainings and requests for funds for the creation of micro-enterprises. The advanced trainings are in subjects of Entrepreneurship, accounting and costs, Business Management and Financing Management that allows Venezuelan women to acquire the knowledge to undertake entrepreneurship or be employed in Colombian soil and in this way greatly improve their quality of life and avoid who see themselves with the need to resort to prostitution in order to have purchasing power.

The FUNDESABANAS Foundation has as one of its social objectives the humanitarian assistance, employability and entrepreneurship aimed at Venezuelan immigrant women in Colombia

It is public knowledge the difficult political situation of this sister country that is reflected in the scarcity of jobs, food and basic necessities, forcing Venezuelans to leave their country and emigrate to neighboring countries such as Colombia. Women, whether girls, young women, adults and the elderly, are the most vulnerable group as they cross the borders facing the dangers of a journey in which they are commonly victims of harassment, rape and generally resort to sexual services in order to access money and get something to eat, dress and roof.

Executed amount: $ 12,000

Direct and indirect beneficiaries: 1708 people among women, children.

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